Welcome to Melrose Daycare - Proudly serving the Iowa City & Coralville areas since 1966

About Melrose

Melrose Daycare is a non-profit daycare and preschool for 2 to 5 year olds. It was established in 1966 by United Ministries in Higher Education. Melrose has a full day program, Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM to 5:30PM. Melrose Daycare participates in USDA child and adult food program and has a Title 20 contract with the Department of Human Services of Johnson County. Melrose has loving and professional staff to ensure the best for your child. We also encourage parent input and involvement to better the learning experience for all parties.

The Environment

The program at Melrose promotes well-rounded growth in children. Our goal is to ensure that each child develops socially, emotionally, and creatively as well as physically and intellectually. Time is divided equally between teacher directed group activities (based on age and developmental level) and Free Choice Time. Free Choice Time usually consists of art projects, music, reading, writing, dramatic play, science and nature, and outside playground activities. We have weekly themes that serve as a focus for our group activities. Some of the units in the past have included superheros, friends, seasons, and sports

The Philosophy

It is our aim at Melrose to provide a warm and loving environment in which children can grow in body, mind and spirit. In interacting with children, we try to help develop and maintain a positive self concept; we also try to foster an understanding of the needs and feelings of others. The staff at Melrose feels it is important for children to have clear consistent limits. We want the kids at Melrose to feel they belong to an important, extended "second family." We want parents to feel secure that their children are in the best possible place during their stay here each and every day!